little_lisa91 (little_lisa91) wrote in fat_ed,

newbie :)

Hi, im new to this community... :)
i guess ill start by posting my stats.... :S

CW: 95kg (ewww!!)
HW: 107kg (bigger ewwwww!!)
LW: 88kg
GW: 50kg

Im 18, i live in australia and for 3years have restricted on / off with food.
ive tried to lose weight by not eating previously but i always gave in to temptations, and then would start back up again. im really getting into my diet this time though.. i try and fast for as long as i can!!
im sick of being the nice girl, the good friend!!! i wanna be the pretty girl for once who doesnt feel like she needs to change everything abot her to satisfy everyone else!!!
i hope i can bring support to you all, and i hope you will do the same for me.

Xx Oo Xx
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