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for people with a ed & who are overweight

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*knock knock* [26 Jun 2010|01:40am]



Anyone there?
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[08 Feb 2010|06:57pm]

Hello. My name is Hilz. :3
I am 19.
my stats are:
h: 5'7"
hw: 260
cw: 244
lw: 170
gw: 170
long term goal weight: 145
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A Little Boost, Ladies... [05 Jan 2010|03:37am]

Guess what?

My thighs rub together when I walk. My ass shakes when I dance. My boobs fill out a bra and my legs don't fit those skinny jeans. I've been called fat and ugly. I've been labeled a "whale" and a "beast". I've been tormented my whole life.

But guess what?

That's just who I happen to be.


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[09 Oct 2009|12:37pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Heya there I'm 22 from Australia, sick of missing out on the life I could have.

I have waves of binging and purging, and coe. Really I would just like to lose enough weight to feel comfortable in my own body. Alot of the time I feel very separated from my body, like it's not really mine.

CW: 95kg

HW: 100kg

LW: 78kg

GW1: 85kg
GW2: 75kg
GW3: 65kg

I am in the process of evaluating my lifestyle and diet.

Anyway this community seems a tad dead..

but I thought I would join anyway and find fellow fatties trying to lose.

Add me I don't bite.. (unless your made of something delicious)

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[02 Oct 2009|12:15am]

Hello everyone (:, new here.

Height- 163 cm... I don't know what that is in feet and inches :P
Age- 16
Current Weight- 165
Highest Weight- 165
Lowest Weight - 132
Goal One Weight- 155
Ultimate Goal Weight- 130

I haven't really weighed myself, I'm a bit scared for that, I'll do it when I get back from the long weekend.

Anyway... a little about me. I live in Australia, I'm 16 years old and I'm fat. I want to lose weight, and I want it to stay off. It's the staying off bit I'm not good at... but also the losing bit ahha. When I was about 14 I lost ALOT of weight, and I was perfectly happy with that, but then as I got more lazy and more busy with school I gained it all, and then some, back. I've had bulimia in the past, but that didn't last very long, it was too hard trying to do it when my parents/brother wouldn't hear me purging. But yes, now I'm hoping by the time Summer really hits I'll be able to wear bathers without having to be scared my stomach is hanging out the bottom of my bathers and maybe I'll meet a nice boy I'm not embarrassed to be around because of my appearance.

This isn't my real journal... I made it to record my weight loss things, but if we get a bit close, I might give you my real journal. Let's hope so (:
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I'm New [26 Jul 2009|10:22pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So, I'm new to this community and I'm sooo glad to have found a community on here that does not revolve around anorexia and people thinking they're fat at 93 pounds. Anyway, my name is Leigh and I started a journal here about a week or so ago and I've gotten kind of obsessed and have posted like ten entries. Yeah. Anyway I'm going to give you my stats.

Height- 5'4"
Age- 16
Current Weight- 226
Highest Weight- 230
Lowest Weight (in the past year)- 200
Goal One Weight- 190
Ultimate Goal Weight- 130

So, I have no desire to be ultra thin as you can see. I don't want to be a hundred pounds, but I want to be healthy for my height and body type. I'm very curvy and have large boobs (38GorH(depends on the bra)). I have a boyfriend and I love him so much and he's about 150 pounds and I feel so bad for him for having to be with me and have sex with me. It must be disgusting. My thighs are probably the worst part on my body, actually, my legs in general. I was a dancer for about nine or ten years, but I was still always a little bigger, and so I have really musculer legs, especially my calves. It's all muscle and I don't know how to tone it down. Haha.
Add me. I'm a nice person, but I get kind of nervoud talking to people online so it might take me a while to warm up to you, but I will eventually I promise.

Loves. Leigh.

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New [26 Jul 2009|03:20pm]
Name: Anu
Age: 16
Height: 5'3.5"
HW: 168 (right now)
LW: 110 (A year ago)
CW: 168
GW: 100

I used to have an ok bmi and was a normal weight and stuff, but as I got older I just kept on eating and eating. Last year, I managed to calm my binge eating down enough to lose weight, but that only lasted for a bit. I'm going to be a junior this september and I've had it with being such a fatass. I need someone to talk to who's going through what I am, a buddy who I can count on at all times to help me. Anyone up for that?
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intro [21 Jun 2009|01:49am]

Name: Amanda
Age: 17
Height: 5'4"
HW: 189 (two and a half years ago, and right now)
LW: 146 (two years ago)
CW: 189
GW: 130

Hi. I'm Amanda and I hope I can find support here.

In March of 2007 I joined Weight Watchers at 189 pounds and after six months I lost 43 pounds, putting me at my lowest weight of 146. I maintained my weight in the 140s until about a year ago when things started getting out of control. I stopped watching what I was eating because I was so cocky -- after all, I had lost all that weight in such a short amount of time and I thought it didn't matter if I kept eating. But of course, it did.

I've gained about 30 pounds in the past year because of compulsive binging. I don't even know why I do it. I just periodically get up, walk to the kitchen, eat five or six different things, and sit back down without even thinking about it. It's horrifying because I just can't stop no matter how hard I try -- I think the longest I've gone without binging since I've realize my problem is about a day.

And now I weigh 189, my highest weight ever, and I feel even more disgusting than I did in March of 2007 because I used to be 146. What kills me is that it was so easy to lose the weight before, but now I can't even go two hours without stuffing my face.

I just feel disgusting, and gross, and I have no idea what to do. I feel like I spend every night crying myself to sleep because even my pajamas are too small for me now.
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new here [28 May 2009|06:19pm]

[ mood | content ]

feel free to add me to your friends list.

CW: 250.1
LW: 239
GW1: 249

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newbie :) [22 May 2009|11:37pm]

Hi, im new to this community... :)
i guess ill start by posting my stats.... :S

CW: 95kg (ewww!!)
HW: 107kg (bigger ewwwww!!)
LW: 88kg
GW: 50kg

Im 18, i live in australia and for 3years have restricted on / off with food.
ive tried to lose weight by not eating previously but i always gave in to temptations, and then would start back up again. im really getting into my diet this time though.. i try and fast for as long as i can!!
im sick of being the nice girl, the good friend!!! i wanna be the pretty girl for once who doesnt feel like she needs to change everything abot her to satisfy everyone else!!!
i hope i can bring support to you all, and i hope you will do the same for me.

Xx Oo Xx
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I was told [13 May 2009|01:58am]

on MSN today it says
no matter what people belive your stomach doesnt shrink
Even if you eat little or nothing
It can get use to having less but not shrink
Is this true?
I guess it kinda makes sence, But TOTALLY threw me
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[08 May 2009|06:29pm]


hey everyone
im new to this place....
so do add me :)

i'm 23 years old, and im at med school.

i am the 3rd child my parents didnt want, and my 'family' abandoned me and my 'parents'
(if you would refered to them as parents ... who abused me for years)
blamed me for their divorce at the age of 11 years old, cut me out the family 11 years ago.

i grew up in a all girls catholic boarding school, since the age of 11- for 7 years, took a gap year and applied to med school...

well you can prob guess what a screwed up childhood would have done to me ED wise.

but i live off junk food, ewspecially when i binge...

i dont eat meat, im allergic to alchohol, dairy and wheat (gluten).

i cant have mirrors in my own room as i cant bear the sight of myself..
im distgusted with my weight and size...
aiming to loose 15lbs by new year....
so fighting a loosing battler....... cry*

its uni exam time... and as usual...  ... i am alone.stressed. freaking out, panicing
. and no suprises i am loosing control too...binge eating like crazy....

ive been like this for years... if i am busy ... i can keep it under control..
but i have a hunch that twhen i wake up tommoorrow... im gonna be full blown ana...
and it scares me yet makes me smile at the same time....
its frightening even trying to explain why i feel like that...

how are you all really doing?
- as i really need to know that im not alone, and that its normal to be beating myself up.....

i just want to be accepted ....

i cant beleive ive piled on 8kg over the last month... im so disgusted with myself!!!


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What am I?!?!? [07 May 2009|06:39pm]

Hi, I just joined this community. I need help, maybe somebody out there feels like me. I don't know what I am. I restrict like crazy one day, but I think I have binge eating disorder. I only eat by myself. Even at my house, I'll take my food somewhere else so I don't eat it with my family. I used to be a dancer, but quit because I felt like I wasn't skinny enough. (I wasn't.) Right now I'm 5'3" and about 145 lbs. I don't know what to do! I go from fasting for a day to binging all the time. I hate myself. Please, help me. 
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BLAH! [24 Mar 2009|03:37pm]

So lately i forgot about livejournal (its bad i know) and of course i somewhat relapsed and gained about 3 pounds because i started eating more than usual..I hate the first couple of days to a fast then after that its smooth sailing because of my stomach shrinking. I thought id post here to remind me of what my goal is before i completly relapse which me luck girlies xoxo
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[21 Feb 2009|12:06am]

[ mood | blah ]

hi am new  here  i have  EDNOS    am currently 18 stone  and my BMI is 50

I eat 1000 cals  a day   but to night  i binged ( wanted to purge  but my husband  stopped me )

am glad  there is a place for me  here  for those who are over weight and have  eds

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HI ALL! [19 Feb 2009|05:00pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey All im new to this so i was wondering if anyone wanted to add me as a friend and we can support each other in our journey to becoming thin. It's a funny thing, i was looking at the other ED pages and i almost don't feel qualified to join them because i'm not skinny enough. Does anyone else feel that way? (its prob just me im a loser like that :) ) anyways heres my stats:

H :5'10"
CW: 175 (or so i havent checked in a while ive been kinda scared to)
HW : 180
GW: 127

-wishing u all the best of luck on achiving ur goals

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Hello [03 Feb 2009|09:58pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]


I am so ashamed of myself. Only lost 27 pounds in 19 days. :(

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Yeah Well... [13 Jan 2009|04:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Age: 24
Height: 5 foot
CW: 265 lbs
HW: 270 lbs
LW: 150ish lbs
GW: 100 lbs

Being short, overweight, and with bad hair is not cute.  I'm tired of it, I'm tired of not feeling like I can wear what I want. like I can't get people to give me a chance when they can't look past my weight, I'm tired of having to make excuses why I don't do things based on my weight.  It's almost been a scapegoat for me in some ways and I'm finally refusing to continue to contribute to what people have pegged me as: the fat girl.

I have really unhealthy views towards weight.  I have realistic observations of it.  I have times where I set impossible goals thinking I'll achieve them and I have a strong knowledgeable background that disproves all the crap I come up with in my mind.  I basically battle myself and I'm starting to outsmart myself.  For better or for worse - we'll just have to wait to find out. 

Why do I post embarassing things about me on lj communities?  Hoping someone can feel a little less like the only one.  Take care everyone.

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New [10 Jan 2009|01:43pm]

[ mood | Hungry Again :/ ]

Age: 16
Height: 5'4
CW: 11 1/2stone   ok im crap at this thats Errm 163lbs? :(
HW: 163lbs
LW: 140lb
GW1: 150
GW2: 140
GW£: 130

(if i got my lbs wrong please tell me -  which is daft cause lbs and stone are the same sytem :/)

Im fed up of being fat
And i hate having this ED
But i love it all the same
I dont tell people about it
cause they wont beive me
cause im not skinny enough

and anyway even if i told them what good would it do?

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